A Dose of Cuteness!

The Caterpillar that became EnlightenedNeed a dose of cuteness? Then check out this video teaser of me and my daughter Miu in the audiobook of The Caterpillar that became Enlightened, a great little children’s book with a fantastic message written by Darryl D. Diptee. Print, e-book, and audiobook available on Amazon.

Having Miu and I do it together was a great idea of Darryl’s, and it was so much fun to record Miu! The final product is something I’ll treasure for life. Thanks Darryl!

Check out the teaser video below.

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Free Your Mind Audiobook Released!

Free Your Mind, by Darryl D. Diptee, has now been released as an audiobook, narrated by yours truly. If self-improvment with a spiritual bent appeals to you, I encourage you to check it out.

The book is packed with concise, practical information on how to get to a life that is more fulfilling and calm, and it was a joy to narrate. I’m happy to say Darryl and I also became good friends during the process. Check out Darryl on Facebook.

Check out Free Your Mind at or listen to a sample of Chapter 4, below.

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MOCA Estimator Promotional Video Released

The MOCA Estimator is a new service that aims to simplify getting repairs done to your car by allowing you to submit photos of the damage and then have several different auto body shops send estimates back to you shortly after. It’s a pretty nifty idea!

A few months ago I worked with CEO Eric Lim on the narration for the promotional video that accommodated the launch of the service, and I’m happy to say it’s now been released!

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A Career Making Noises

As a professional voice over artist I’m sometimes asked, “what’s it like to make funny voices all day?” I have to say, it’s the most fun I’ve ever had in my life. I’m paid to have fun! They’re not all  ‘funny’ voices. But they are all fun.

And here’s the thing: there’s nothing else I can do that I would enjoy as much as being a voice actor. Sure, I have other skills I could use to pay the bills. And there are other things I could do if I was able to do them, but since I’ve never been compelled to put in the requisite practice needed to feasibly make a living off them, it’s not even worth thinking about. But I do have a lifetime of practice doing Voice Work. Why?

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